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We’re back home again. The plumbers got the sewer hooked into the main last night, so Dagmar and I got to come back home… They’re still here, though, the plumbers. They’ve gotta fill the trench back in (they got a start on that last night), backfill under the street, pour a new patch and curb in the street and pour new concrete for my sidewalk. I hope they fix the sidewalk from my house to the garage, too, but I never specified that when I talked to them…

It’ll be interesting to see what they fix and what they leave. The main plumber guy was quoting some really high numbers when he started the job, so I found myself saying, “just tear out the fence, I’ll fix it later,” and “I’ll get someone to fix the retaining wall next year.” That did drop his price by several thousand dollars, but now I have to find someone who can help me put my fence and retaining wall back in sometime… And I gotta reseed my yard and replant the little baby Blue Spruce we’d planted just days before all this happened. I hope he survives.

My cousin Moriah commented a few days ago on how well we’re taking all this. I have to admit, that’s entirely Dagmar’s fault — she’s taught me how to put things in perspective. In the long run, this is just an inconvenience. We’ll be fine.

Funny Stuff

Hey, watch this if you get a minute…


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8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Jody

    Okay…I hope I’m not outta line here, but blame it on an upbringing where I was taught: neighbors help neighbors. (Where you don’t even have to live next door to be a good neighbor.)

    Here’s my what-I-hope-will-be-a-fun-and-productive-idea: Chris and Dagmar set a date, and we all show up to help. (Remember, there’s lots more folks reading this blog than just those who actually post comments.) You need help? We’ve got arms. You’ve got a little baby Blue Spruce? We’ve got shovels. Your yard needs reseeding? We’ve got seed and tillers and fertilizers. I’m not well-versed on how complicated it is replacing a retaining wall, but I’m betting someone will show up who is.

    We’ll all bring food. You know, side dishes and drinks and brats and lots of laughter and good neighbor wishes. Think of it as a second housewarming party. Outside. With gardening gloves. Where all your friends get to help their favorite 5th District couple celebrate another major milestone. (We’re not just fine…we did it! We made it! We’re more than fine!)

    You give us a date that works for you, and we’ll be there. We can even update each other here as to who is bringing what. (How many tillers do you need? What kind of grass seed matches the rest of your lawn? What about those big fold-out tables? The kinds that hold lots of potato salad and home-grown corn-on-the-cob….hint hint fellow Radloff supporters.)

    Neighbors throughout history have always enjoyed coming together for this sort of thing. We’ve been deprived for too long, and we’re ready. We’re willing. We’re able. And we’re serious about helping.

    Tell us when it works for you. We’ll be there.

  2. Leonesse

    I am with Jody on that one. I was raised to help out anyone who look like they need it. I am so glad you have scaled another of life’s mountains. You will get to the top. LK is as Dagmar. I see obstacles, he sees a minor blip. I am so lucky.

    On another note, that video was so damned funny. That could be my father and step-brother. No joke. Intelligent Rednecks. They do exist.


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