House McCain

You think THIS guy’s gonna be good for the economy?

Senator John McCain, Republican presidential candidate, recently said that if you make $4.9 million per year, you’re middle-class. You’re not rich unless you earn over $5 million a year, in McCain’s mind.

Boy, I can’t wait to be middle-class!

If Republican Senator McCain didn’t seem to be out of touch with THAT remark, how’s this… In the economy today many people are having trouble making their house payments. Foreclosures are happening all over the place. Things Are Not Good. Hard-working, honest people are losing their homes. (I almost said, “middle-class,” but I guess I’m not sure what that means any more.) In the midst of all this, McCain (R) was asked how many homes he owns.

Turns out he owns so many houses even HE doesn’t know!

I have nothing against rich people being rich, but if you’re rich AND in power, you’d best quit voting to deny benefits to veterans, don’t tell people that in your world $4.9 million a year is middle-class, and don’t forget how many houses you own! Especially when they look like this:

I’ve worked hard all my life, went to college, got a degree, served in the Guard and was fortunate enough to find a house I could afford ($40,000). I hate to say it, but John McCain will never understand my situation, my point of view. He’s too insulated from us average people. And by “average” I mean those of us making less than $5,000,000 a year. Sure, the “Country Club economy” is working for him. Is it working for you?

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4 thoughts on “House McCain

  1. Dale

    I count myself lucky enough to be able to count but not lucky enough to have staff to do it for me if I forget how to. Just about everywhere I’ve looked today, people are highlighting just how ridiculous this man is.


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