In an ongoing effort to embarrass myself…

One of my old bands (Hippie Go Lucky) got conned into doing a gig this weekend. A private party. Small gathering.

We’ve rehearsed three times in the last few months, which isn’t much considering we haven’t played in two or three years, and I haven’t touched my bass more than a handful of times since then. I’ve pretty much hung it up. My hands cramp up after just a few songs and it’s painful to play. And I can’t remember how half the songs go.

But, okay, I’ll do the gig this weekend. We’ll see how it goes…

Here’s a clip of the last time we played, years and years ago. You can see why we’re not famous.

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8 thoughts on “In an ongoing effort to embarrass myself…

  1. Dale

    I liked your bass leg keeping time, it sounded good! I was worried about the guy in the ballcap in the foreground though. His hands were all over himself.


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