Completely Random

  1. When did people quit pulling over for funeral processions? How rude… Oh, and if for some reason you should happen to decide to PASS 45 cars, 30 motorcycles and a hearse from behind, don’t change your mind halfway through and simply join the processional. And if by chance you DO find that you just sort of accidentally joined a funeral processional, please just pull over and get the hell out of the way. There’s really no need for you to follow us to the cemetery…
  2. If I should happen to get a tattoo, what do you think I should get? I’m not really a “skull ‘n crossbones” kinda guy. Maybe a happy face or something…
  3. Did you know that if you’re holding a flag you do NOT salute when the order “Present Arms” is given? You’re supposed to simply stand at attention with the flag in your right hand. Under no circumstances, not even when the newspaper photographer is taking your picture, do you salute with your left hand. I know, I know… it sure is tempting. But don’t. Just don’t.
  4. I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure…
  5. Some friends of mine are thinking of buying a laptop. Does anyone have any good/bad experience with a certain brand? Any advice I can pass along?
  6. I like this cartoon. My buddy Tom turned me on to it… Duck is a professional freelance photographer, you see.

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6 thoughts on “Completely Random

  1. Mberenis

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  2. The Guv'ner

    Interesting as always, Sir.

    I always seem to buy Dell Inspiron laptops purely for the great customization features – you can choose what you want on there most in terms of graphics and video cards etc. and ignore what you don’t need. I’ve liked both my Dells a lot and never had problems with them.

    Of course I’ve never had any other brand to compare… Hmmmm.

  3. KatzeKitty

    #5 – I absolutely lovelovelove my (work’s) Macbook Pro. In 14 months it hasn’t given me any problems whatsoever, hasn’t slowed down a bit, has great battery life, is thin and relatively light, and can run Windows, too! It’s a little spendier than non-Apple laptops, but it is simply awesome. I’m sure there are refurbs out there that are reasonably priced. If/when I leave this job, I have no doubts that I’ll buy my own.

  4. katrocket

    1. You’d be surprised how many folks seem to have forgotten their road manners, AND the law. In addition to not respecting funeral processions, I’ve seen lots of drivers refuse to pull over for emergency vehicles.

    2. Is a cool stylized flower too girly for a dude tattoo? I found this, it’s edelweiss, Austria’s national flower – just like Dagmar. 🙂

    5. Tell your friend: Don’t buy an IBM ThinkPad! NOOOOOOooo!! My dad recently purchased one for work and is very unsatisfied with it, specifically the wi-fi connection & control features. I just used it myself over the past few days and it’s an unruly beast! I agree with both Guv and katzekitty – I had a Dell for many years and it was fantastic, and I used to have a Macbook at the agency (I’m not Mac fan, but it was a cool machine) I currently have two HP Pavillions (a laptop T5750 & a desktop AMD). The HP’s are brilliant and affordable too – both have been problem-free for 18 months.

    damn, this is a long comment!

  5. Dale

    No respect anymore is there? Asshats.

    Get a literary tattoo maybe? I was reading my pal Cormac’s blog and he linked to this site which has some cool ones. Or get Dagmar’s name in Japanese characters or something? I have a small Japanese character on my hip that they tell me means ‘vigour’ but I’m sure says ‘stupid round eye’.


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