12 thoughts on “George

  1. Chris


    As with most people, I wish I’d known him better.

    Went to visit him a few days ago. I’m glad we did. He didn’t open his eyes while we were there, but I like to think he knew we were there.

  2. Virginia

    The butterflies fly away – the rest of us are left behind – the chrysallis (sp?) … we are not ready. We CAN find joy and beauty in the butterfly and know that someday, we too will be beautiful as we wing away. Those brave ones that lead..those that go ahead are so brave…

    Google Randy Pauch (sp?) who died Friday the 25th…consider the importantance of living while you can…consider who is watching HOW YOU live…


  3. Dale

    I just ready the linked story and was so happy at the outcome but very sad to then read this post. George sounded like a good man, something like you Chris.


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