Monday Meanderings

Doggie Delight

Well, so far Animal Control has been called at least twice to check out the neighbor’s two attack dogs, but they haven’t shown up yet. Evidently someone’s gotta get gnawed on before the city will pay attention. Vicious Dog #1 got out of the fence again yesterday morning. Of course no one had the remote control for the shock collar that’s supposed to keep the dog under control… It took ’em a good fifteen minutes to find the pooch and convince it to go home. Fifteen minutes where it could have easily found a small child to snack on…

Oddly enough, the City Council is today (probably at the very moment I type this) deciding whether to outlaw pit bulls in city limits. I guess what they’re thinking of doing is making every pit bull owner register the dog. Any dog found running loose without registration will be put down immediately. No new pit bulls will be allowed — within 15 years or so, the city will be pit free.

I hope they do it. I don’t want the neighborhood kids to grow up fearful of dogs. Respectful, yes. Fearful, no.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings

  1. Dale

    They’ve initiated the pit bull ban here after far too many attacks. I feel bad for the good owners of the good dogs but safer overall.


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