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How Not to Run a Concert Series

A buddy of mine started a web site recently aimed to promote local art and music. In my last post you heard me whining about a series of concerts in Sioux City over the summer months, supposedly to promote interest in the local music scene even though they only hire one local band each year to participate… Anyway, my buddy with the web site e-mailed the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce (who’s sponsoring the concert series) and said, “Hey, I have an online calendar. I’d like to include your concert series so people know what’s going on. Is that okay?” He got an answer back saying “I’m sorry, we’re not interested in that sort of thing.”

So, they’ll complain if no one shows up to the concerts, but they won’t let people put their info on a FREE calendar. Seems like a strange way to promote music. “Hey, we’re having a concert, but don’t tell anyone…”

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One thought on “But but but but it’s FREE!

  1. Virginia

    Apathy and fear of technology are rampant – your example mirrors a few I have had right here in Santa Fe where art, performance and writing are considered a religion.

    Keep up the progressive ideas and keep nudging folks forward…complacency kills! ğŸ˜Ž



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