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We have a rabbit in our yard. She’s bravely sitting on the hole she dug a day or two ago… She won’t move. I’m sure she has kits under there, little babies. She dug the hole in a strange place, right out in the open, near the chain-link fence by the sidewalk. If she’d chosen her hole on the other side of our yard she’d have two bolt-holes nearby (we have a rickety wooden fence on that side) and more privacy. But I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.

Dagmar put a few carrots out for her. It’ll be interesting to see if the carrots are gone in the morning. I’m a bit worried about the black kitty that’s been prowling around, too. With luck Mama Bunny can handle herself…


Home from the vet, the little kitty Fruitloop, and recovering. He doesn’t seem to mind getting the insulin shots… This may sound cruel, but I really wish he’d squawk or squirm a little when the needle pokes him — he takes it so calmly it makes both Dagmar and I wonder if the shot is actually getting under his skin or if we’re just squirting insulin on his fur.

He’s really angry about his new diet. He gets a quarter-cup of food in the morning and a quarter-cup at night, which is considerably less than he’s used to having. We always just filled his food bowl to the top and kept it more or less full constantly so he could eat at his leisure. The poor little guy’s not adjusting well. He sat by his food dish for three straight hours today, looking miserable, occasionally licking the side of the dish. He’ll come to the computer room, bite my pantleg and try to lead me to his food bowl…


I’m on vacation through Wednesday night. The original plan was for me to go fishing with Pops in Minnesota, but with the vet bill and Dagmar’s impending surgery (June 19th) I’ve opted to stay home for my spring vacation and try to get as much freelance work done as I can… With luck I can get both my vacation pay and earn some money on the side and “double up” as much as I can.

I might be working, but I’m still gonna count this as a vacation. I’ll be home for three days where I can choose to ignore the phone if I want, I can sip on a beer in the afternoon whilst working, and I can go for a bike ride at lunch time if I want. As long as I get the work done I’m free to enjoy the day.

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  1. SkylersDad

    Glad Fruitloop is doing OK with the shots. And that is pretty cool about the bunny. My newest pooch, Yordi, has one heck of a prey drive and really likes chasing rabbits and squirrels!


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