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An Open Letter

Dear Senator Clinton,

I’ve learned a lot about you in the past fifteen months as you’ve campaigned for the Democratic nomination for President, Senator Clinton, and you have some very admirable qualities. Your knowledge of world events is extensive, and you’ve shown that you’ve cultivated a wide-ranging group of supporters within the Democratic network in Washington D.C. You’ve shown how admirable it can be to “stick with a fight,” and how important it is to keep plugging along…

However, I strongly urge you to quit now. You’ve shown us the qualities of determination and tenacity, but what you’re teaching us now is that determination and tenacity are but a short step away from stubbornness and willful ignorance. Senator Barack Obama has all but won the nomination, yet he cannot concentrate on the general election while you’re still in the race. Your continuation of this prolonged nomination process is, at this point, doing nothing but helping the opposition, wasting money, and hurting the environment. While Republican nominee John McCain is free to concentrate on his run for the White House, you’re stalling the Democratic party, miring Senator Obama in a mudslinging contest in which he doesn’t wish to engage or continue.

Please, Senator Clinton, do the right thing and step aside for the good of the country. Please.

Thank you for your kind attention,
Christopher L. Radloff

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