Way cool!

Runs With Elk

Kids and animals. Somehow Dagmar can make connections with kids and animals.

Yesterday Dagmar was feeling poorly again, but wanted some fresh air. “I have a headache,” she said. “I vant some fresh air.” So we bundled up in our baggy sweaters and headed down the road to the park where they keep the elk herd.

“I vunder if Mister Elk will remember me,” Dagmar pondered as we pulled into the park. “I like it vhen he comes up to the fence and lets me look at him.” Generally, the bull elk will spot Dagmar as soon as we get out of the car and will come trotting right up to the fence so they can dance a little. Dagmar will put her head down, and the elk will put his head down. Dagmar will shake her head, and the elk will shake his head… It’s a fun game they have. “I hope he remembers me,” she said again, peering out the window.

“I hope so,” I said. “You two have a funny relationship.” I thought for a moment. “Relationships with wild animals are tricky. Someday we’re going to come here and Mister Elk will have outgrown his games and might not recognize you. He is a wild animal, you know.” Dagmar nodded agreement. “I know.”

We pulled into the parking lot and spotted the herd in their pasture. By the time I had the camera out Dagmar was already at the fence… Mr. Elk was up on the hill, happily munching away at a twig. But by the time I got down to the fence myself, Mr. Elk had trotted over to the fence and was happily sniffing Dagmar’s baggy sweater sleeve.

And the dance started.

Dagmar hunched down and waggled her head back and forth. The elk put his head down and swung his antlers back and forth. Dagmar put her head down to the ground; Mister Elk did the same. Dagmar curtsied to the left, so did the elk… Within minutes they were running alongside the fence. They’d run all the way to the end of the fence that way, then they’d turn around and run along the fence this way. They’d do a little dance, then run to the end and back. Mister Elk would wait patiently while Dagmar would catch her breath, then he’d dance a little… When they ran, he kept perfect pace with Dagmar, not going too fast, not too slow.

You can see more photos of Dagmar running with elk by clicking HERE. It was really neat to watch! Dagmar’s been feeling ill again, but BOY did this seem to help! I wasn’t surprised that she wanted to get outside for a while as that does sometimes help with her headaches, but to see her smiling and running — that did MY heart good!

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11 thoughts on “Way cool!

  1. The Guv'ner

    Wow how COOL! The elks look magnificent. And Dagmar’s having an awesome time playing with them. The only wild animals i ever see in NYC are the local drug dealers. šŸ™

  2. Chris

    Hi Mike — the Elk are at Hillview Park, just a few miles west of Hinton, IA. Sadly, Dagmar had a few good days and has gone back to being ill again…


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