Sunday Slowly

What comes around…

Dagmar and I set aside a certain amount of moolah every month to simply give away. Sometimes the money goes to a charity, sometimes to a friend in need, sometimes it’s split up into several smaller donations, sometimes it goes to a complete stranger. It’s not a lot of money, but hopefully it helps someone somewhere sometime.

Yesterday that very same amount of moolah came back to us in the mail from a very nice family we know. It feels like the cosmos are smiling… The money came just in time to help someone else.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

We bought some of those healthy organic “Vinegar and Sea Salt” chips yesterday. Man, those things will twist your face all up! Holy buckets!

Really? I didn’t know that.

Pet peeve #4,629: television shows that repeat themselves constantly.

I watch a lot of Discovery, Science and History Channel stuff, and I’ve noticed a trend… Not only will they show you the same three-second clip 72 times in a one-hour show, but they repeat themselves before and after each commercial.

An example would be Mythbusters. They will use approximately 92 minutes of the 60 minute show explaining that “Jamie and Adam are now going to ride a buffalo off a cliff to see if buffalo really have wings,” and that “Last we saw Jamie and Adam they were riding a buffalo off a cliff…” and “This week we explore whether buffalo have wings by having Jamie and Adam ride one off a cliff…” It gets to the point where there’s really only 20 minutes of substance and 40 minutes of hearing and seeing the same thing over and over and over again.

Are we really so dense that we need to be told constantly what we’re watching? I thought these were supposed to be the “smart” channels. (Of course it’s hard to tell what you’re watching, actually, because they have so much crap at the bottom of the screen that you can’t see the show…)

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Slowly

  1. Dale

    It’s higher on my list than 4629, endless recapping. Why are the Brits able to make a program work in 1/2 hour with no tie in ‘for dummies’ book to go along with it?

    Send money, I’m out of chips.

  2. Chris

    Dale — You don’t want them chips. It says right on the package, “Unusually strong and intense.” They weren’t kidding.

    Bluz — The only reason I mentioned it in my blog was the coincidence that we got a check for the exact amount we just donated to someone else, moments after we found that yet another friend (the guy with cancer) needed exactly that amount. The coincidence startled me… (And this is Dagmar’s doing, by the way. She’s the most generous person I know! I just try to hang on for the ride…)

  3. ~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~

    #1) Funny how that works, huh? Gabby and I struggle sometimes (it doesn’t work on paper) but somehow we always seem to make it through (and sometimes a little something more). Fantastic.

    #2) I love those things!!! Don’t eat them with a Coke though – HEART BURN! lol

    #3) I agree with you here, 100%. Why do the banners at the bottom exist? We should be able to click them off somehow – like pop ups on the computer!

    Happy Monday, you!

  4. Falwless

    I’m officially blogrolling you. I’ve been lurking too long, I AM OUT OF THE SHADOWS!

    I love your random thoughts. And I totally friggin’ agree about shows constantly repeating themselves.. it drives me INSANE!


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