More Burblings

Yet more randomness…

Usually when I blog I like to sit down and hold only a thought long enough to at least finish the sentence I’m on, but I’ve not been able to do that recently for a variety of reasons. Yesterday I just kinda kept Blogger sitting on a corner of my desktop all day and jotted down whatever caught my interest. It worked well, sorta, so I’m gonna do that again today. Lucky you.

Random Thought #1:
If they told Florida and Michigan their votes wouldn’t count if they moved their primaries up, why do Florida and Michigan suddenly feel jilted. It was their decision, and they knew the consequences of their actions when they made their decision. Be adults. Take responsibility. You broke the rules, now you have to pay the consequences.

The big sillies.

Random Thought #2:
Are chipmunks bigger than Smurfs? I wonder if they ever get into territorial battles.

Random Thought #3:
Just heard bad news about a friend with cancer. Three months, maybe six? That’s not long enough. I’m having trouble not crying. Hope there’s time for one more ride through the hills before you go…

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4 thoughts on “More Burblings

  1. Dale

    I’d get the chipmunks after that cancer, they’re wily. That sucks a lot. Go ahead and cry and then pick up your friend for that ride.

  2. ~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~

    I was going to say, “Happy Easter”… and I am still going to say, “Happy Easter”… and if I may echo Dale: Go ahead and cry and then pick up your friend for that ride. Excellent idea.

    Like the wind.


  3. pistols at dawn

    I was going to say I like this new format, but instead, I’ll say: I hope your friend makes the next six months last as long as Gangs of New York, but much more memorable. Sad times, sir.


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