7 thoughts on “The Big Day

  1. Bluzlover

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It’s a good thing you two have such a great relationship, this picture doesn’t do the beautiful Dagmar justice. Happy Birthday Dagmar!

  2. Chris

    Lady — I certainly hope to make her smile! And if that doesn’t work, I’ll tickle her.

    Bluz — Welcome to the circus! You’re right, Dagmar is one of those women who are truly beautiful. She carries a rare combination of elegance and playfulness, class and humor. I’ll put a nice photo of her on the blog tomorrow, I promise.

  3. The Guv'ner

    Hahaha Dagmar is going to knee you in the groinal region for that one. She looks contemplative. Contemplating what she’s going to do to you mainly.

    What beautiful eyes she has. Very stunning.

    Happy birthday Dagmar!!!


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