Blogger, Web Sites, Servers and Other Confusion

Boy, what a mess.

In an unguarded moment of uncharacteristic reckless abandon, I decided to move one of my web sites ( from AxisHost (whom I highly recommend, by the way) over to the same place all my other web sites live, simply to keep things consistent. “This will be fun,” I though to myself as I sat in front of the keyboard and squinted myopically at the screen. “I should be able to do this just by changing THIS and THIS. Oh wait. I guess I have to change THIS, too. Uh oh… Um…”

In one swell foop I managed to lose my web site, my e-mail, my wife’s e-mail, and my blog. All I gotta say is if you’re gonna muck about with cName and MX attributes, you’d best have a cuppa coffee ’cause it’s gonna take a while to get things straightened out, unless, I suppose, you know what you’re doing.

So now (as you can see) I’ve got my blog back up and running, though its based on a standard template (I’ll change that by and by) and I’ve lost all the photos in the archived entries. The sad part is that for various technical reasons I don’t understand fully I couldn’t keep my blog’s URL, which means I have to contact everyone who reads the blog or may have a link to the blog and tell them where it lives nowadays. It’s a pain for everyone, and I apologize.

I’m in the process of rebuilding, but it’ll take a while. Please be patient. Pretty please.

In a totally unrelated incident, the people who govern the Web have decided that the “embed” file is obsolete now. Unfortunately, I still use that tag a LOT — it’s how I get Picasa slideshows to work on my Web sites. The tool I use to design my sites is HTML 4.01 compliant, and is therefore stripping all “embed” commands from my sites whenever I do any editing. I’m not sure what the workaround will be for that, but at the moment it seems likely that I’ll simply have to get rid of the slideshows, bit by bit. (For some reason they still work in Blogger. Go figger.)

Dagmar and I are off to Omaha in a few hours to meet some friends, watch a good band (Studebaker John), and not think about computers.

If you’re reading this on Facebook, you can see the original blog at, click on “Blog.”

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