Geeze, it’s only THURSDAY

Random Sentences:

Overheard (in my mind): “Gosh, we’ll finally get to see what the Bush administration can offer us after six years of the Rove administration..”

We went to the local Renaissance Faire (called Riverssance hereabouts) last weekend. I found myself watching the tin men on horsies bash each other with big sticks, wishing I knew someone named “Shirley,” simply so I could wait until she said something silly about the event. Then I could say, “Shirley, you joust.”

“I’m so hungry my stomach is looking at my liver and dreaming of onions.”

Voting Woes

I went to the polls to vote (why else go to the polls? to go swimming?) over my lunch hour last Tuesday. I had a choice of five mayoral candidates, and was allowed to vote for one. The top two vote-getters get moved on to the finals in November. Anyway, as I plugged my ballot into the machine, I noticed the little counter doohicky on the top click from “12” to “13.”

“Does this mean I’m the thirteenth person to vote?” I asked an official.


“But that’s only on this machine, right?” I asked.

“Yep,” was the answer.

“How many machines are there?”

The official shrugged at me. “Just the one.”

“Oh,” I said. “Thirteen people all morning. That’s not a lot, is it. What time did you open? Noon?”

“Nope, we’ve been open since 7:30.”

The guy I voted for came in third with 687 votes. The top two candidates tied with 1,956 votes each. Slightly less than 12% of the registered voters in Sioux City showed up at the polls. This makes me sad, but what makes it even worse is that this is the first time we’ve been able to vote for a mayor in 50-some years, and we still didn’t bother to come out and vote. (But, conversely, a weak turnout at the polls makes MY vote worth much more — my one vote counted for eight citizens this time. Made me feel powerful.)

Black Flag

Just out of curiosity, what is your opinion about THIS? I’d like to hear what people think…

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7 thoughts on “Geeze, it’s only THURSDAY

  1. Virginia

    Art is designed to grab our attention, to make us think and react. Our flag is a symbol, designed to bring us together and to honor freedom. The flag should not be used to divide our people. The artist, while using the flag in a way I may disapprove of, demonstrates what freedom is all about. In Russia or Nazi-Germany we would eliminate the artists. In the USA, we know that the artist uses his/her tools to make us think and grow. It disturbs me when veterans and others use the flag as a divisive tool. We have more important issues to consider. Let us hono fredom – not the flag…Just my opinion….and yes, I am USAF retired, RPCV, daughter f a WWII vet, ….

  2. Bert Bananas

    What amazes me is that people will act out when another person ‘dishonors’ what the first person honors. I was once in a bar in Dallas (very looonnnnnggggg story) and the LA Rams (it was a long time ago) were playing the Dallas Cowboys. I pretended to be a Dallas fan and joined in the good natured (you think?) bad mouthing of the Rams and the citizens of Los Angeles. (I didn’t feel too hypocritical as I was living in Glendale at the time.)

  3. pistols at dawn

    Are we really going to complain about our national symbols which are almost exclusively made in China? I miss the old ideas of Poland, who just recently allowed people to start displaying the country’s flag again, because previously, they felt that it led to ugly, stupid nationalism.

    They were right, of course. Buying a $4 flag doesn’t make you a patriot; defacing that flag doesn’t make you unpatriotic.

  4. Anonymous

    About the mayoral primary,

    sadder than low voter turn-out is the choice we had running for mayor. there is no reason to go back to the polls for the final election for mayor or city council people. people gripe that the city government sucks, but those who could make a difference don’t bother to run for office and really do something. sad, sad, sad.

  5. Leonesse

    I am so tired of people elevating and worshiping symbols and forgetting about the people. What difference does the colors of a fabric make when there are so many other things to focus our attention on?

  6. The Guv'ner

    I think, too often, people drag out the stars and stripes to justify any old offensive action they feel like. Like that douche in Nevada the other week who went to a Mexican-American business and tore down The Mexican flag, stomped all over it and stole the American flag they were also flying. He had his panties so far up his ass he didn’t seem to get that these people were celebrating their pride in both nations. Unfortunately, too many people use the flag as a symbol for their stupidity. This artist guy? He’s saying something but most people aren’t listening because it’s cut and dry. “This guy is disrespecting our great, superior nation.” To those people I say, “Get a brain and some cajones.”

    I love America and there’s nowhere I’d rather live, but honestly, some people need to get a map and notice there are other places on it.


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