It ain’t my best work, but…

An Open E-Mail to My Wife:

Hi Honey!

I went home for lunch… I had some of the chicken wings, but I was still hungry so I had some chips and salsa too. I tried that new “Classic Marinara” salsa you bought (it was right in front of the fridge, so I thought I’d try it), and I really don’t care for it much. It’s kind of bland and, well, tomato-ie. Can we go back to using “Pace Picante” sauce? I like that better.

I hope your day is going well!

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1 thought on “It ain’t my best work, but…

  1. Bert Bananas

    Pace Picante sauce, bottled in a town in Monmouth County, New Jersey…

    But luckily, by Mexicans. That’s why it’s to carambolas good. I hope she caves in and goes back to the Pace Picante.


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