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Sunday was kinda interesting — we went to Omaha (or suburb Ralston, to be exact) to a memorial service for Nebraska soldiers lost in the Iraq War. There were a TON of bikes there. It must have been quite impressive as we took our motorcade through town…

The ceremony consisted mainly of various local politicians talking, but it was interesting anyway.

The highlight, for me, was when the Patriot Guard made the bellringer an honorary Road Captain. I’d noticed that there was a man at every military funeral in Nebraska who rang a bell. Standing next to him were always a few ladies holding up a homemade banner saying “God Bless America.” The bell always choked me up… The man would stand outside the church, his head down, ringing the bell every ten seconds or so. He would do that for the entire service. Then he’d somehow manage to beat everyone to the cemetery, where he’d set up his bell and continue ringing.

I found out that he’d been doing that since 2002, and the lady next to him is his wife. It was nice that the Patriot Guard honored him.

On Sunday he rang his bell for every Nebraska soldier that’s died in Iraq as their names were read. They also released balloons, one for each soldier. I didn’t cry until the Legionnaires fired their rifles and a man played taps…

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings

  1. The Guv'ner

    Urgh. How sad!!

    I know it’s not the same thing but around 9/11, I worked next to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and every single day I’d hear ‘Amazing Grace’ on the bagpipes at the funerals of dead firefighters and cops from the WTC. Used to make me cry.

    And yes, I know bagpipes would make a saint cry but just that song on the pipes was depressing as all hell.


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