Don’t get teste with me, mister…

But we’ve got the biggest…

Here is a phrase I thought I’d never write: The first time I saw my buddy’s little brass balls it surprised me. I even took a picture of the metallic testes in question. You can see them in the photo below.

I thought it was funny. I still think it’s kind of funny, actually. Gracefully tactless. Then I saw this:

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5 thoughts on “Don’t get teste with me, mister…

  1. pistols at dawn

    There was a local county here that had a debate over whether to ban these or not, making those of us in more, ahem, prosperous counties say, “What the hell are people putting on their cars now? Weren’t their ‘My kid beats up your honor student’ stickers enough?”

  2. KatzeKitty

    My boyfriend’s business used to carry those. Truckers actually bought them. A million dollar idea? Maybe not, but I’m sure someone made a handsome return on the concept.

    Perhaps the counter to that would be bosoms, though they may affect your vehicle’s mileage. Wouldn’t it be something if they increased it? Then you’d get all us “greenies” to get these falsies for our Priuses.


  3. The Guv'ner

    Yeah I keep on seeing these on cars all over the place. I think it’s a mutant relative of the furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror only a little more blatant.

    I really don’t want my car to have bollocks. Honestly, I’d have visions of it mounting some pretty little VW Bug or something.

    Then I remembered I live in Manhattan and don’t own a car. Phew!!!

    /Sidenote: When I next DO own a car, I will get it a BRA to counter all these testicle-bearing machines. A pink push up bra. With sparkles.


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