Whoops! Been busy…

Testicles in Iowa and Rocks in South Dakota

Last Saturday I went to Craig, Iowa (population 102) where they were having their annual Testicle Festival. Fun times! I shall leave the innumerable puns and double-entendres to those who will undoubtedly leave comments to this post, but let’s just say that any town council who says, “hey, lets go drink beer, roast some cow balls and have a parade” must be pretty cool…

On Sunday the American Legion Riders took a day to ride to Garretson, SD, where we had a picnic, went on a pontoon boat ride down the river a bit, and saw a gulch Jesse James allegedly jumped across with his horse whilst escaping the law. I took lots of pictures. After that, we went to the VA hospital in Sioux Falls and visited the recovering patients. One of our guys donated about 30 decks of playing cards, and someone else donated a bunch of books, so we handed those out to the veterans. I have some stories to tell about that, but work calls. I’ll write more later. In the meantime, here are some pictures…

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10 thoughts on “Whoops! Been busy…

  1. Pixie

    GREAT photos Chris! Did Dagmar go? It looks like everyone had a good time… I had no idea SD was so pretty…I hope I can open this at work and show some of my co-workers.

  2. Chris

    Yep, Dagmar was there! She’s the one in the red shirt and sunglasses you see every now and then… She took some of the photos, actually.

    Some parts of South Dakota are really cool. I have a ton of photos of Nebraska and South Dakota (as well as other stuff) at http://picasaweb.google.com/cradloff

    All you gotta do is click on an album, then click on “Slideshow” if you want.

  3. pistols at dawn

    I’ve written previously about how South Dakota has waaaaaay more things than North Dakota, but I feel like it merits mentioning again: North Dakota has nothing but shame and envy.

    That seems like very good biking country, though, as someone who can’t even ride a bicycle, I wouldn’t know. What I do know: shame. Maybe I should move to North Dakota.

  4. J Morgetron

    Were there people there who had balls on their vehicles? I live in Nebraska and I’ve noticed this disturbing trend.

    I found your blog randomly and was happy to see someone so geographically close. It doesn’t happen that often. Did you know there is a Craig, NE with a similarly small population?

    Just thought I’d comment and leave you some opinionated facts and pointless drivel.

    Happy Blogging!

  5. Pixie

    THERE she is. I think I’m used to seeing her sparkling happy eyes. The sunglasses threw me.

    My ex is from Brookings SD. Have you ever been there? His parents were / are both profs at SDSU…

    Happy Saturday!

  6. Chris

    Ms. Morgetron — boy, do I have a photo for you of car balls. Hopefully I’ll get time soon to upload the silly thing.

    Pix — Nope, I haven’t sold it yet. I’m thinking of eBaying it… Know anyone who’s looking for one?


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