Quick Thoughts While the Boss Isn’t Looking

Apologies – this post is going to be written in short little bursts in between jobs here at work. I’m too busy, unfortunately, to actually sit down and write, but I’ve got too many thoughts in my head to wait for the proper time. I may come back to this post later tonight or tomorrow and put some photos in. Maybe.

Busy Weekend

I was in a parade Saturday with my shiny motorcycle. That was fun. My nephew and little nieces saw me as I went past and jumped up and down, yelling and waving. That made my day!

I have to admit, I was a little sad that Saturday’s “Ice Cream Days” parade was quite a bit more impressive than the town’s Memorial Day parade a few weeks ago. I guess the town of Le Mars values ice cream more than they value veterans. Oh well.

In fairness it must be said that Le Mars is known as the Ice Cream Capital of the World — a hefty percentage of the town’s population works at Wells Dairy, making ice cream. So, when Wells Dairy tells the town to have a parade, the town has a parade. I’ve always found it odd, though, that the Ice Cream Capital of the World has only two little ice cream stands, and I think one of them uses someone else’s ice cream. Throughout the whole Ice Cream Days celebration last weekend I didn’t see a single person eating ice cream, come to think of it.

After the parade, we went with the kids to Art in the Park, then swimming. I had to go buy swimming britches.

Sunday was Fathers’ Day, so we went to the farm and hung out with Pops. That was fun.

Hallo Imst!

Wish we were there… (To save you time scratching your head in bafflement, Imst is about 20 or 25 miles west of Innsbruck. I’ve seen pictures. Beautiful place.)


I’m so tired I literally can’t see straight. Kinda sucks that I still have three or four hours left here at work before I can go home.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts While the Boss Isn’t Looking

  1. Pixie

    I don’t have a motorcycle.

    Can we do this on skates?

    No, seriously… we have skates…

    Amazing you. Amazing Troops.


  2. Leonesse

    In our tiny town parade (so tiny there are no floats, just trucks with decorated trailers and tons of tractors mixed with groups walking) I cried when the National Guard went by.

    Next year I am doing a float and it is going to kick their asses I tell ya. And I am going to challenge others to put one in as well. Time to kick this place up a notch….


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