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I’ve decided to sell one of my basses – our flood insurance is coming due soon and we’re not real sure how to pay the bill… (I had hopes that I’d get a few freelance jobs through HippieBoy Design, but it doesn’t look like that little enterprise is taking off quite as well as I’d hoped.) We certainly feel blessed to have a house, a nice car and a motorcycle; now the trick is to hold onto all that stuff if we can. Since I’m not playing music much these days it seems kind of odd to keep a spare bass around the house.

As you can see in the photos below, the bass is a red Korean DeArmond – case, strap and straplocks included. The bass is in great shape – I used it in two or three rehearsals a few times about four years ago when I bought the bass, and played it for maybe three songs onstage. The case has a few nicks, but nothing major.

As I remember, the tone is great, but the neck felt awkward to me (I’ve played my Ibanez bass for so many years any other bass feels strange and clunky in my hands). I really wanted to use this bass more, as I really liked the way it sounded, but I just couldn’t get my fat little fingers to move quickly enough on the fretboard, and was too lazy to spend the time needed to get used to the neck.

If anyone’s interested, just lemme know! These basses go for $350 or so new without the case or straplocks, plus $45 shipping. I believe I ended up paying around $500 for it when I bought it (the case, strap and straplocks, and tax adds up). Shoot me an offer – cradloff at (put the @ in place of the “at”). I’ll probably list the bass on e-Bay in a few weeks if need be.

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    May want to try or the free classifies in the Journal over eBay. Too much fraud happening there, and their charges suck.


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