Things that Skitter Across My Mind

It’s not the pain that bothers me…

…it’s the hurtiness. Pain I can handle. Hurtiness sucks. Pain is when you kick the bathtub and break your toe. Hurtiness is when you trim your toenail too short (thus causing hurtiness). Pain is when you need stitches. Hurtiness happens when you rip the band-aid off your hairy leg.

Pain is 33 people dead in Virginia. Hurtiness is three days of 24-hour news coverage. We all know what happened. Let these folks grieve in peace.

Pain is going to war and seeing widows and fatherless children and veterans missing limbs, screaming in their sleep. Hurtiness is finding out later that the government lied. There were no weapons of mass destruction, and Iraq wasn’t involved with al-Queda after all, and our leaders knew it.

Pain is Attorney General Alberto Gonzales using his high office as a political battering ram, firing people for not being “true Bushies.” Hurtiness is Gonzales lying about it later, and Bush politico Carl Rove ordering possible evidence destroyed. There’s more illegality here than meets the eye. The Hatch Act is involved, too.

Pain is a shrinking paycheck compounded by increasing bills. Hurtiness is finding out that the rich are getting richer. Did you know Halliburton gave Vice President Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney $24 million, then moved to Dubai? Why did they move their headquarters out of the United States? How patriotic is that? On the same thought, why is the Bush family buying land in Paraguay, a South American nation that recently voted to ignore the International Criminal Court? Why would he want to move to a nation that won’t extradite anyone to the United States?

Pain is Don Imus saying racist things on the radio. Hurtiness is the network firing him only after sponsors started pulling their money out. (If the network cared about morals they would have dealt with Mr. Imus promptly and not waited a week to see what “public reaction” was going to be. Did Mr. Imus deserve to be fired? Not if this was his first offense. It wasn’t.)

Pain is what is happening around us. Hurtiness is the lies and misinformation we’re being fed. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton lied and was held accountable and was made to squirm for his misdeed. When do we hold the current administration accountable? If President George Walker Bush and his advisor Carl Rove won’t put their hand on a Bible and tell us what’s going on, they must be hiding something, and I don’t like that.

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3 thoughts on “Things that Skitter Across My Mind

  1. Leonesse


    Thanks for stopping by my fledgling blog and leaving a comment. I have snuck over to yours on occasion, from Steakbellie as well.

    I love this post. I have been reading more and more about this subject and the background of those involved. I seem to be ranting about it lately, as my 16yo son now complains, but I am amazed at how our media isn’t telling us this stuff. What gives?

  2. Pixie

    I’m with you. “Accountability” is the key-word here. It almost feels sometimes as though we are being brainwashed into a certain though-set. I know for certain that most of my personal stress comes from the black/white opinions I am force-fed on a daily basis – at such a rate it is often very hard to form an individual opinion so…

    …I killed my TV… well, except Backyardigans, Stanley, Clifford and the Wiggles, of course.

  3. Bert Bananas

    Whether intentional or not, it seems your list creates the impression that pain is caused ‘on accident’ while hurtiness is caused by being dumb or mean/amoral. I liked that distinction.

    I hope that my hurtiness days are long passed. Suddenly recalling one or another of them sometimes makes me me grip the steering extra hard.

    It’s not that getting what you want is a bad thing. It’s just that business people and politicians try to do it in ways that they think, per their focus groups, won’t upset people enough to get them ruined, impeached or voted out of office. They don’t try to rule out ‘hurtiness’, they just try to rule out, like Pixie said, their own accountability.

    “Hurtiness Happens” is not a state of being we should be prepared to accept. Except that history, even our personal histories, shows that humans are far from immune from being changed for the worse when they get ‘power.’ So maybe we should paraphrase Jesus, when He was talking about the poor: Hurtiness will always be with us.


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