Photos on Phriday

The Computer Desk…

Huh… Looks easy enough…

Okay, I guess there are a lot of parts. Hmmm…

The energetic assistant takes a nap.

Thankfully I wasn’t using my head at the time.
Notice I have pants on now.

Six hours later, a nice pudding break.

Does this certify me as a carpenter?


Things We’ve Done Recently…

It was warm a few weeks ago… We found a gas station outside town a ways
where they still come out and pump your gas for you!
He let me fill my own bike, though…

Kinda looks like my wife has her nose
in my really big beer, doesn’t it?

The Cartwright Brothers out of Sioux Falls – good all-round band!

Easters Past

Me in 1972…

The Nephew in 2005

The Beloved Goddaughter in 2006

Dagmar and the Beloved Goddaughter in 2007.

Me with the Beloved Goddaughter in 2007…

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