Quick Hits for a Friday

Random Thoughts…

Random Thought 1: Ever have one of those days where you e-mail yourself, just to see if your e-mail is working? I’ve done that twice today.

Random Thought 2: Why is it that I feel angry sometimes because my boss actually wants me to do my job? Today was supposed to be a warm, blustery and stormy spring day, temperatures in the mid-60’s… It rained all morning, but about 11 or so it started to clear up. When I went to lunch it was about 75 degrees, sunny and calm. I started to think about taking off work a few hours early so as to enjoy the day, tootling about on my shiny motorcycle. Ah, how relaxing! I spent the early afternoon sitting at work, daydreaming about sun-filled blue skies, starched white clouds playing tag with each other… As my target time, three o’clock, started to draw near I completely lost focus on work. I was going to go outside! I was going to see the sun! I was going to breath air with REAL LIVE OXYGEN in it, as opposed to this chemical gunk we breath all day at the print shop… I was going to enjoy the afternoon! At five to three, however, my boss hurtled himself down the steps to the Art Dungeon and breathlessly informed me that we needed to reprint a job we’d botched, and it needed to be done NOW, if not sooner. There went my afternoon plans of playing in the sun. My boss was only asking me to do my job. What right do I have to be angry about it?

Random Thought 3: We have a microwave oven in our kitchen. It works pretty well, too, as long as the toaster oven isn’t running at the same time (we blow a fuse when we run both at once). There’s a numeric keypad on the microwave where you enter how long you want something to cook. You poke at the buttons with your finger, the machine beeps and boops a few times, then your food cooks. The microwave oven serves a second purpose in my life, however, other than simply cooking food in a timely manner. It makes me feel intelligent. You see, I can’t just push “2:30” and cook something in two and a half minutes. I have to use judgment and intelligence, you see. I know, to the bottom of my soul, that I have a very deep bond with my microwave, and I (and ONLY I) know exactly how long something needs to be cooked. So it’s never just “2:30.” It’s “2:27” or “2:36,” depending on what my special intuition tells me. I walk away, smugly content, knowing that the average person would have undercooked their hot chocolate by three seconds… But not me! No sir. I know these things.

Random Thought 4: If people don’t want illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico, why don’t we simply see if we can help Mexico? Instead of building walls and waving fists, why don’t we just help our neighbor? If Mexico had a bit better economy and higher living conditions, maybe more Mexicans would opt to stay in Mexico… I realize this is kinda simple and “pollyannish,” but couldn’t we give it a try? I know I always feel better when I’m helping someone get to their feet rather than kicking them back down into the mud…

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4 thoughts on “Quick Hits for a Friday

  1. Chris

    I shall be, indeed and quickly, linking to Pixie’s blog. Not bad. Not bad at all… (She knew my cousin Caleb and remembered him on his fifth. I shan’t forget that.)

  2. Bert Bananas

    Chris, you know how when Jesus says (and I have this as gospel) that ‘the poor shall always be with us’? He meant Mexico.

    Mexico has something going for it that we only play at here in the United States of America. Other countries, in similar circumstances, also share in the secret: Corruption.

    If we started “helping” Mexico it would only serve to introduce the art form that is corruption in Mexico into the United States.

    I want the wall.

  3. Pixie

    If we started “helping” Mexico it would only serve to introduce the art form that is corruption in Mexico into the United States.

    As though the United States is not corrupt? As though our government and we as a people (who supposedly put those in power into their positions) are not corrupt?

    Forgive me for misunderstanding your point when you quote Christ as I will forgive you for misquoting Christ.

    Or rather: please cite verbatim. thank you very much.

    This country was built by hard working people with culture and values and a desire to attain the dream of freedom.

    This country as it stands, right now is not unlike the Roman Empire as it whimpered and died.

    This country, right now, is a country torn and frightened. We are without leadership. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we are so strongly divided, WE are in a state of near civil war.

    get it together.

    God / Jesus has nothing to do with the situation we are in now (as a country). That’s called “free will” and that is what Jesus Christ died for. That is our only (Christian) strength – free will.

    we suck.

    basically, as a whole.

    Mexican. Iraqi. Irish. German. American.

    Build the wall. Build it tall and thick and wide and forever.

    It won’t be the first time and it won’t change anything.

    People. People will come together and that wall… is in the minds of those who wish to contain and control – the opposite of freedom.

    I’m not afraid of Mexico.


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