Oh Happy Day!

I’m gonna buy a lottery ticket!

What a grand day! The midterm elections were yesterday, and not only did the Democrats gain control over the House of Representatives by a bigger margin than expected, but all sorts of other good things happened as well! Here in Iowa at the state level the Democrats gained significant ground, taking the Governorship and both houses — with the joyous side-effect of nullifying Republican embarrassment Chris Rants’ leadership as he’s no longer Iowa’s Speaker of the House.

What a beautiful day! Not only did all that wondrous stuff happen, but United States President G. Walker Bush today announced that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (I’m always dyslexic when I type Mr. Rumsfeld’s name – my fingers want to type “Ronald Dumsfeld” every time) is no longer the Secretary of Defense! Wheee! Giddy joy! Maybe now we can get someone in there who will LISTEN to the generals who have been in-country.

And to top it all off, it’s 85 degrees and sunny today, the eighth day of November. I had buffalo wings for lunch. Things just can’t get any better today…

Republican Rick Santorum from Pennsylvania is gone (thanks to Steakbellie, I guess). Rapturous joy!

The only fly in the ointment is that my very own district here in Iowa has re-elected Republican extremist Steve King to another term. I vehemently disagree with everything Mr. King stands for… He treats veterans and soldiers with disdain (as can easily be seen though his voting record), he wants the government to give a contract to him, his son, and his neighbor to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico at the cheap, cheap cost of $3 million per mile, he wants to legalize cock-fighting… Grand talk for someone with no military service who dropped out of college. (I don’t like the man. Can you tell?)

But everything else is grand and peachy!

Blasts from the Past

I was just poking about in the archives, trying to spark a couple synapses to get an idea going for something to write, and stumbled across these posts from years back that you, dear reader, may find interesting:

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From the Mouths…

My buddy Drew here at work told me he walked past his four-year-old boy last Sunday. “Whatcha doing?” he asked the wee lad. “Watching football,” the boy answered. He continued “The Shkago Bears are playing the Man-Eating Dolphins.”

Grand Intentions

I had all sorts of intentions to write something either amusing or politically relevant, but I just don’t have my mojo working today. I can’t think of a blessed thing to write about. Oh well… I’m hoping to go to the weekly jam session tonight, but I may very well fall asleep before it gets started. (I really wish they’d have something happening around town at 5 or 5:30 when I get off work, rather than waiting until 9:30 or 10 at night. I gotta work in the morning, you know. I’m usually in bed by nine. Oh well.)

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