Take Responsibility, Dammit!

Geeze, they’ve actually said it OUT LOUD…

I just read this. How sickening!

“Leading Republicans, with the support of conservative media outlets, are charging that the Mark Foley scandal was a plot orchestrated by Democrats to damage the G.O.P.’s electoral prospects this November.” source

This was NOT leaked suddenly – the story was known by insiders up to five years ago, and the Harper’s reporter knew of it last May. The Mark Foley scandal is NOT a “plot orchestrated by the Democrats” as Mr. Dennis Hastert claimed on the Rush Limbaugh radio show – it’s a 50+ year old elected official trying to lure underage boys into sexual congress. How in the world can the Republicans blame this on anyone but themselves? A member of their own party perpetrated the crime, and other party members covered it up – thereby endangering other young boys. How can the Democrats possibly be to blame?

We NEED to change things! This cannot continue.

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2 thoughts on “Take Responsibility, Dammit!

  1. mwd

    They don’t need even a semblance of logic, fact, or common sense to perpetrate the argument. Allegedly, it was Goebbels who said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    We’ve seen this before. Some 30% of the country still believes Iraq had WMDs and was directly involved in 9/11.

    Besides, the content isn’t even important. What matters here is setting and maintaining the emotional association: “bad nasty child predator” associated with “democrat party.”

    Just like yesterday when it was “North Korean nuclear bomb” associated with “Clinton.”

    Just noise.
    Dangerous noise.


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