They’re falling apart, I tell ya…

I’ve been watching the news a lot. It’s been entertaining lately! But it raises my blood pressure, which is probably bad.

First off, the Republican-controlled legislature has approved the building of a wall between parts of the United States and Mexico. This is gonna cost billions of taxpayer dollars, and I think it’s a bad idea. Is a wall going to keep illegal immigrants out? No. It’s that simple. If you build a wall, people will tunnel under, fly over, sneak through… It’s not a barrier. The other part that bothers me is the symbolism. We are truly becoming the Soviet Union of our generation – there is talk of internal passports, we’re building a wall, the government can now LEGALLY come and get you in the middle of the night and throw you in jail forever… This is spooky! I don’t like it one bit.

Mr. Bush, tear down that wall.

The next item is scary, too… Republican Representative Mark Foley was head of the committee to keep Internet predators from raping, pestering, harassing, and/or luring young boys and girls. It turns out that Mr. Foley is truly uniquely qualified to head such a committee, being an Internet predator himself… It came to light last week that Mr. Foley had been sending nasty e-mails to underage boys.

Okay, the course of action here is clear… The police send in their vice squad and arrest Mr. Foley for all sorts of crimes and take him away in handcuffs. This is what would happen to anyone else in America who got caught doing what Mr. Foley did. But, since Mr. Foley is a powerful Republican, things are being swept under the rug and, true to Bush Administration Protocol, no one is taking responsibility for their actions.

Mr. Foley has been checked into an alcohol rehabilitation clinic. I guess they must cure pedophilia there, somehow. He claims that he bears no responsibility for his actions because he’s an alcoholic. And wait, this gets worse.

We have now learned that Republican House Leader Dennis Hastert knew about Mr. Foley sending illegal e-mails to young boys years ago, AND DID NOTHING.

So, Mr. Foley is an obvious danger to society, and has broken the law, and the Republican leadership kept silent. So, Mr. Hastert is going to jail in handcuffs as an accomplice to a crime? Soliciting child pornography or something? No. He’s not. You see, Mr. Hastert blames all this on the Democrats and ABC News. (I’m not making this up. Here’s the source.) He will not take responsibility for his own (in)actions, either. It’s the Bush Administration way of doing things, you see. Blame someone else.

In other sad news, United States President George Walker Bush has officially killed more Americans than the terrorists of September 11, 2001. We’ve lost more soldiers in Iraq than we did on 9-11.

This all comes from the political part that gained power by touting superior moral values. We NEED a change!


I went on a bike ride through the midst of Nebraska a couple weeks ago.

In contrast, here’s downtown Omaha at night…

We saw a real honest Oompah band in Omaha. Dagmar knew all the words to the songs…

I bought a big beer. (That’s probably why the photo of downtown Omaha is blurry…) Here’s my vunderful vife playing with my mug… I tried to play with her can later but she didn’t let me.

It truly is fall.

A note on relationships in general…

Seems like I’ve inadvertently upset a bunch of people (a bunch being just short of a metric scad) lately. I’d like to say to the world in general and my family and friends in particular that I try very hard to be a good person. I don’t belittle people, I try my darndest to avoid saying or doing anything cruel or mean, and I honestly respect everyone I know. Please know that if I’ve said anything to upset you, it was unintentional (unless I was talking about politics – if my politics offend you, well, there’s not much I can do about that).

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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