This is getting silly now…


My website has been up and down the past week and a half. It’s driving me nuts.

My e-mail doesn’t work, either. It’s been on and off the past week and a half. It’s driving me nuts.

Suddenly my password doesn’t work on the server, so I can’t log into cPanel (the software that helps tweak how my website works). I need to log into cPanel to fix my e-mail. I told the server people that my password didn’t work, and that their very own tech support people told me that I needed the password so I could get into cPanel to fix my e-mail. So they e-mailed the password to me.

Anyone see the flaw in that logic? “Oh, you need a password to fix your e-mail? We’ll just e-mail it to you…” It’s driving me nuts.

I have to admit, it’s partially my own dumb fault. I’m sure if I hadn’t missed that day in second grade when they taught you that “Y” is a consonant and a vowel I’d know how to run my website today. But I missed that day in school.

I had a plan. It was a good plan. I was going to switch hosting companies. I know of a very nice hosting company that would take me. Had I been bright enough to realize that I needed to pay them first, THEN try to move all my stuff over, things would be hunky-dory right now. But I’m rather dense. I didn’t set up an account, but I somehow expected them to magically fix my stuff. Once I figured out I needed to give them some moolah, I figured I was home free! All my problems are solved! But no… Alas, my stupid password doesn’t work on my old server any more, so I can’t get a backup of all my stuff to put on the new server. Nor can I check my e-mail.

Did I tell you that they said they were going to e-mail the password to me? It’s driving me nuts.

I haven’t even had time to write in my blog. I’ve been too busy wringing my hands and gnashing my teeth over my silly website and e-mail woes to think of anything else. I pace a lot now. I haven’t slept in days. It’s driving me nuts.

It’s been over eight hours since I first told them I needed my password. I should have heard something by now…

Anyway, if anyone’s been inconvenienced by bounced e-mails or the lack of this blog, I do apologize. I am trying to get things sorted out, but I really am a color-blind historian who moonlights as a graphic designing bassist. I’m just not trained for this sort of thing. It drives me nuts.


I take a lot of pictures. As usual, you can click on the photos below to see a slightly larger version. I hope. If my website works. (It’s driving me nuts, I tell you!)

Everyone takes pictures of roses. Me too.
My medieval bunny-chaser. This actually IS my mower. It’s the only one I have.
Sioux City musician Matt D at Sweet Fannies. I like this photo ’cause I turned the flash off,
set the camera for a night exposure, and set it on the table.
The colors turned out way cool…
Music and beer. Abbey and music. They work so well together.
Dagmar and I went to Hillview Park near Hinton, Iowa. They have elk there. Elk are cool.
Cows on a hill.

Talking on the phone and taking pictures of my elusive shadow.
Self Portrait II (I must be feeling full of myself).
I like this one because it was pitch dark outside.
I held my little point-and-shoot digital camera as still as I could
with the flash off to get a long exposure.
That explains the pained look on my silly face…
(I was waiting in the car for Dagmar to come drive me somewhere.
I must have had a beer. I don’t drive if I’ve had a beer.)
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One thought on “This is getting silly now…

  1. VJ Pulver

    Nice mower…in our Kerch nieghborhood an old lady comes around every six-eight weeks and hacks down the green stuff with a sickle – so goes life in a post-soviet, formerly closed community here in Crimea! 😎

    VJ Pulver
    In Sunny Crimea – Life iis Good
    (CALEB Library Site!!!!)


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