Perfect and Utter Contentment

A perfect day!

It was a record-breaking day today here in Iowa. We hit at least 91 degrees – a bit warm for yard work, but perfect if you have a motorcycle.

I have a motorcycle.

After working the requisite amount of hours, my beloved Austrian bride and I took the motorbike for a quick tootle – we hit the backroads and eventually ended up in LeMars, my hometown. We visited the nephew and nieces (who are all adorable – we pinched their cheeks), ate a couple hotdogs at Bob’s (a local hot dog stand that’s well-known in Northwest Iowa, parts of Nebraska, some of South Dakota, and I’ve even known people to drive in from Minnesota just to get a Bob Dog), zipped up the highway home, and then sat outside on the front stoop and had a beer. (Guess what kind – I betcha you can’t guess!)

While sitting on our front stoop having a beer, we discovered that there are about nine kids under the age of seven living in the house next door. We also learned that there’s a guy living in that bus we thought was abandoned.

It was a perfect day. I’d write more, but frankly I’m pooped. I hope everyone else managed to have a happy day as well!

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6 thoughts on “Perfect and Utter Contentment

  1. gerberdaisy

    i wish someone would do something about your neighbors.
    just think, in no time they will all be of teenage years and breaking into your place for that awesome beer you love so much.

  2. Chris

    It’s an odd neighborhood. I’ll post pictures someday.

    Last year someone stole our door knocker. That’s stupid enough by itself, but the little girlie-poo that took it did the thievery WHILE WE WERE STANDING THERE WATCHING HER. Dumb kids…

  3. bacon

    I love Bob Dog’s. That natural casing snaps when you bite into it, the bun is squishy and fresh, the chili has just the right seasoning. Mmmmm. Now, tell us about Charlie Boys, the other great northwest Iowa treat, from Miles Inn in Sioux City.

  4. Chris

    Man, you really DO know my part of the state! Bob Dogs are something special…

    I’m gonna have to go to Miles this week sometime and have a Charlie Boy! You remember when I wrote about the Howard Brothers that I jam with occasionally? Their parents own Miles Inn. (Actually, scuttlebutt has it that they’re selling the place. From what I hear, they’re selling the bar and the Charlie Boy recipe separately, for the same price. You can buy just the bar, just the recipe, or both.)

  5. Chris

    Whoops. I tried to reply to Bacon, and silly Blogger put my comment in twice. Being the intelligent and well-read guy I am, I though, “I’ll just delete the second comment and no one will know I’m an idiot.” So now of course there’s a big “This comment has been delted” mark, which makes me look like I’m censoring the comments, which I’m not. No censorship, just silliness…

  6. bacon

    And you can’t forget about any icy cold Schooner of beer to go with it. Actually, there are several places I like in Sioux City. Buffalo Alice’s pizza can’t be beat, the steaks up at Archie’s Waeside in Plymouth county are great, too.


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