A Weary Hippie

Work Ethic? Who, me?

It’s been a busy week! Gonna be busy next week, too… Apologies to all the friends and family that have tried to get in touch with me for the past six or eight days – I’ve been at work. I’m so tired of looking at PhotoShop and InDesign I could just poop. Oh well, I guess it’s what I get paid to do, so I shouldn’t complain. (I’ll whine instead.)

Blogs in General

I’ve added a few nifty-neat blogs to the list over there on the left. They’re all good reading – some philosophical (notably Intellectual Insurgent and her corral of deep thinkers), some political (like Who’s Makin’ Bacon), all good. I shall add more later, but not now. I have other things to do now. I have things on my mind. I’m not sure what, but I’m sure it’s important.

The Show

In a few short hours I’m gonna head down to the Chesterfield to see Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs play. I’ve seen this band play four or five times over the past fifteen years. Good stuff! The music isn’t quite my cuppa tea (they play a lot of Tex-Mex and country as well as blues and rockabilly – I like the latter, not so keen on the former) but the band is so fun to watch it more than makes up for the occasional country song. They wear funny hats. It’s a hoot.

Odd Things

My beloved wife, Dagmar, just finished cleaning. The house smells like Pine-Sol now. For some reason it reminds me of basic training, and I really want to smoke a cigarette. Odd.

I walk to work fairly often. The friendly local church around the corner put up a new sign. Nice to see they’re welcoming. (I can’t blame the church, really, it’s a strange neighborhood, and they did just build the new church, and they want to keep the new parking lot from getting overused by loiterers.)

When I finished taking a picture of the sign, I turned around and took a picture of the houses across the street from the new church. I live just half a block down that alley… As I said, it’s kind of a rough neighborhood. It’s nice that they tore down the old church and all the other houses on that block and built a new church. Not that the money could have been used to help the parishoners in the neighborhood…

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