Another Week in Paradise


First thing on my agenda at work: Visit the Pop Machine. Today it’s lit up like a Christmas tree… The only thing available is regular Coke. Okay, I guess. If I can’t have Coke Zero or Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper or root beer, I guess I’ll take a regular old Coke. I put my shiny quarters in the machine and push the button. I’m rewarded with the “rattle rattle thump” I expected. Hands a-tremble with anticipation I reach for my soda, only to find it covered in goo. Soda syrup, all over the can. Yech. Now I gotta wash my hands and the soda can before I can go sit down again…

Little things like that can take on greater dimensions on a Monday morning than at any other time. Is this the way my whole week is going to be? Is this an omen? Am I going to be stuck with second-rate products that are sticky all week? Or is it just that someone forgot to order pop?

E-Mail Count

On Monday last I started keeping track of my e-mails. Here’s how the final broke down:

Personal: 27
Work: 63
Humorous: 23
Political (Right-Wing): 2
Political (Left-Wing:) 2
Spam: 251

I know I missed a LOT of the spam messages as my home e-mail goes through a couple filters before I see it; I’d guess there were probably 50 more spam e-mails that didn’t make it on the list. And last week was the slowest week I’ve had at work in a decade or more – I’d guess that I usually get about twice that many work e-mails. But it was an interesting little experiment nonetheless.

Sniff Sniff

Some things just plain smell better than they taste. Coffee does not taste as good as it smells. Vanilla is another example. If pipe tobacco tasted as good as it smelled we’d all be smoking pipes. Perfume tastes pretty bad, until you get used to it. I discovered another one yesterday – Reuben sandwiches. Reubens smell better than they taste. My beloved Viennese Snowflake asked me to whomp together some Reubens for dinner last night. No problem! I like playing with my new Presto Grill doodad… I stood there, grilling all this wonderful food, smelling the wonderful aromas that come wafting my direction… It was great!

Then I sat down to eat the blessed thing. I’ve never liked Reubens, mind you, and I just cooked these up for my wife, but they smelled so good I just had to have one.

Blech. Bleeyah.

My beloved wife enjoyed her sandwich, and commented that she’d never had such a good Reuben. Meanwhile I’m trying to shave my tongue…

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