Distracted Sunday

The Wakeup Call

Usually I wake up with a big smile on my face, which is quickly replaced by a scream of horror as I realize that I have to go to work. Today’s Sunday, though, so I woke up gently, sans scream. Until I remembered that Mr. Al Gore lost the election in 2000, even though he won. Then I screamed.

After all this time it still doesn’t seem real.

Mr. Gore has probably written more books than the man who assumed office in his stead, Mr. G. Walker Bush, has read. We should all be happily working on solar-powered Macs and riding around sunlit avenues on Segways, not wondering why we’re paying the Saudis record prices for oil and wondering if our money is being used against us.

Whups – sorry about that…

I just heard that U.S. Vice President Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney shot and wounded one of his buddies this weekend with a shotgun. Apparently 78-year-old Harry Whittington must look a lot like a quail, as that’s what they were hunting at the time. Whittington is in the hospital, from what I’ve read on the ‘net, and is doing fine after being “peppered” with shot on his right side.

I’m not sure what to think about our Vice President playing with guns in the first place – here in Iowa we don’t let people handle firearms unless they’re responsible enough to handle it, and, quite frankly, I’m not sure Mr. Cheney is up to snuff. Thankfully for Mr. Whittington, the limit on shooting millionaire lawyers is one per hunter…

All kidding aside, I hope Mr. Whittington is okay. And, against all odds, I hope that Mr. Cheney is responsible enough to take the consequences of his actions. When my neighbors start shooting at each other, someone’s going to jail, and it usually isn’t the person who got shot. Unfortunately, Mr. Cheney has never held himself responsible for much of anything, other than lining his pockets with our money through Haliburton’s government contracts.

So, we’ve got a Majority Leader that’s in legal problems, a gaggle of legislators caught with their hands in Jack Abramoff’s cookie jar, a president that’s illegally spying on his own citizens, and a vice president that’s taking potshots at his buddies with a shotgun. Hooray for us.


You just gotta read this.

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