Been Bizzy

The Blogger’s Excuses for Not Blogging…

I’m used to sleeping a lot more. Maybe it’s a sign of age. In any case, I’m tired. Tuesday we took the cat to the vet for a checkup (he’s fine) and went to the tax guru (he’s fine too). Have no fear – we took pictures of the cat’s reaction to the whole “vet” experience. I’ll post those later…

Wednesday I met a buddy of mine and went to the Chesterfield’s weekly jam session. That was a lot of fun! Heard quite a few local musicians, some of whom I’d never seen play before. In a market the size of Sioux City it’s always surprising to find new talent… There just ain’t that many of us. There were only three bass players there, though, so I ended up playing a bit more than I had anticipated. It’s always fun trying to jam with people you’ve never met before – a lot of “what, you don’t know Metallica?” and “anyone play blues?” and “how about we just play something funkish in E?” before every song.

Tonight I have rehearsal with the Clams. We have a half-gig tomorrow at the Chesterfield. Randy’s coming back from Washington State for a visit, so we’re gonna have a reunion of sorts and make him blow into the business end of his sax in public again… We’re opening for another band, and we’ll play during their breaks too. It’ll be fun to see if we remember any of the songs we used to do when he was in the band, oh so long ago last June.

Whoops, the boss just wandered past. I’d best pretend to be working or something… With any luck I’ll write more later!

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