Updates from Yesterday…

Puppy Dogs

You gotta be kidding me… Yesterday I wrote about the neighbor’s dog (you can read it here), which has been crouching in a pickup topper they’ve got lying in their back yard. (If you click on the picture you can see the poor pup.) We called the Animal Control people when we first saw the dog there. They said they’d send someone out to check on things. We called them the next day, too. Twice. After the third phone call they finally came out to see the dog. (I have to admit, I’m peeved that it took them so long to check into things.)

“Well, he’s got food and water,” the guy told me on the phone when I called to check on the situation.

“But the dog’s been in there for three days now,” I said. “He can’t even stand up – he has to crouch in there. And who knows when the owners are gonna come home?”

“Well, he’s got food and water,” the guy said again. “He seems healthy. There’s nothing we can do.”

So the dog’s still in the topper. He’s been lying down for the past day and a half, not moving much. I’m worried. I really, really hope the neighbors come home soon!

The New Van

I mentioned yesterday that the company bought a new delivery van. They decided to go with a flame motif for a paint job. It’s certainly eye-catching! I had something completely different in mind… Oh well. My buddy Drew did a good job with the flames, though! They’re pretty.

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