Graffiti Sucks


Well, I’ve finally been hit. For the past year I’ve been taking pictures of graffiti in my neighborhood. I guess it was my turn. They got my back door. Not bad, but bad enough that I’ve filled out an on-line police report, and I need to re-paint my door. (It was on my to-do list anyway, but I was hoping to wait until a nice warm summer afternoon to do it…)

Some people may wonder what’s so bad about graffiti… Well, there are several things. The first is that it takes time, money, and resources away from the neighborhood (which is struggling anyway). Every time someone gets tagged, someone else has to take time off work, go out and buy paint that may or may not match the wall, take the time to re-paint the affected area… The secondary effect is that buildings that have been tagged often lose resale value – who wants to buy a target? A tertiary effect is that graffiti acts as a blight on a neighborhood. It saps our pride.

The following are a few of the photos I’ve taken around the neighborhood. Record Printing (where I work) has been hit four or five times in the past year – I’ll spare you the photos of that.

My back door, January 16, 2006

My neighbor’s garage, January 16, 2006

A block and a half up the street from my house.

The same building as above.

Same building, front view, different day.

Across the street from the last building…

The same fence after the “fix.”

My neighbor’s garage…

Same neighbor, same garage

Different view…

One last shot of that garage…

This is the garage next to my neighbor’s garage…

Why tag a dumpster?

I’m not real sure what this building is… It’s just a block west of my house.

This one’s been fixed. It was like this for about a month, though.

This isn’t graffiti, but it upset me anyway. Someone broke my fence.
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