Winter, With a vengeance

Well, a few days ago, winter struck. There was no sneaking around this time. One week I’m riding my motorcycle, the next I’m shoveling snow. The last few days we’ve got quite a bit of snow, and a considerable amount of wind to contend with, too. Last night, though, was one of those pretty snows – big fluffy flakes falling straight down. We usually get the little itty-bitty stinging flakes that hit your face at thirty miles per hour… I thought big fluffly flakes only existed in the movies.

Decisions to Make

Last week I was approached by another Sioux City band who needs a bassist. “We know you already play with the Smokin’ Clams,” they said, “but do you think you’d be interested in playing with us when the Clams aren’t playing?” That’s a no-brainer… Of course I’d like to play with that particular band; they’re one of the best in Sioux City, and they’ve long been my favorite band to watch myself. The problem is simple – would my schedule with the Clams allow me to be in two bands? Hmmm… (Quitting the Clams is, was, and never shall be an option – they’ve earned my trust and faith. The only way they’re getting rid of me is to vote me off the island.) The Clams haven’t played in quite a while, and there’s nothing much on the schedule, and my billfold is nearly empty. Gosh, it’d be great to get out and play some more!

Off to the Clams rehearsal I go last night. I’d e-mailed everyone in the band already and told them what I was thinking, so it was no surprise to them when I said, “Hey, by the way, what’s our schedule like? How often do we want to play? Everyone seems to be awfully busy with other things…” Turns out that almost everyone else in the band was wanting to play more often, too. So the Clams schedule is expanding rapidly, which makes me happy.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t play with the other band, as they’re great people and play great music, but it just wouldn’t be fair to join a second band only to tell them I could only play once a month. So tonight I get to call them and politely decline.

I feel very blessed and humbled to be in one of the most popular bands in the area, and have another top-notch band show interest in me! That’s quite a compliment, and I’m humbled.

Sick Day

We went out for Dagmar’s birthday a few days ago, and I came home with a 100+ degree temperature and a chill I haven’t been able to shake. (So if my writing today is more incoherent than usual you can blame it on my fever…) “You’re not going to get any better unless you stay home and sleep,” said Dagmar this morning. “Your head is too hot and you keep shivering.” So I’ve been in bed all morning, and will shortly be back snoozing again. It sucks to take a sick day (unpaid of course, my bosses don’t believe in paying sick days) when you’re really sick.

Sadly, I have yet another six inches of snow to deal with when I get out and about.

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