What’s New? A fine question…

Lots of stuff has happened since I last updated this site. I joined two bands, The Wombats! and the Smokin’ Clams. A few weeks ago I quit the fine Wombats! due to scheduling conflicts, so now I’m down to playing in one band at a time again (though there have been rumors and rumblings about a Hippie Go Lucky reunion gig or three when the Clams take a break – time will tell).

It’s been a goofy summer this year – when it was warm and nice, both Dagmar and I have been busy. When it was cold and nasty and rainy, we had nothing to do. Hence, the bike has languished in the garage, staring forlornly at the wall, dreaming of twisty roads. I’ve promised it that I’ll do better next year. “Keep a stiff front fender,” I said. “We’ve got lots of miles left…” I hope it’s not an empty promise.

Not much is new with Dagmar at the moment. She’s been happily working, and going to see the occasional Clam show on weekends.

Anywhoo, I’m off to update the rest of this site. With any luck, I’ll be able to update it regularly from now on, just in case anyone’s bored enough to read it…

Have a happy day!
Chris & Dagmar

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