The holidays are over. Most of my friends and family are finally recovering from the flu. We’ve had Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s… Now we all have to go back to work until the next paid holiday, which is either Easter or the Fourth of July, I don’t remember which. College football is over for the season, and there are just a few playoff games left before the Superbowl. So… Once my beloved Packers get knocked out of the playoffs in a few weeks I have nothing much to look forward to until April or May when I can get the bike out of storage… Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep. Rinse. Repeat.

Of course, I could probably find something constructive to do, maybe work on some genealogy stuff, or perhaps *gasp* update this web site more often, or maybe practice my bass, but what fun is that when I can sit and whine instead? This just seems to be a good time of year to sit in my jammies drinking hot chocolate watching a movie, whining the whole time about how miserable things are. (There’s some irony there if you look really closely.)

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